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Mar 12, 2020 | COVID-19, Tips, Video

If COVID-19 hasn’t affected your business in some way yet, the odds are that it will soon. Whether that’s a new WFH (work from home) policy that has been implemented, a meeting or event that has been canceled/postponed, a shipment that has been delayed, the list goes on.
The worst thing you can do is standby and do nothing.

Now is a great opportunity to start or to ramp up your existing video presence and strategy. We are fortunate to live in a world of digital technology where the connections are limitless and the access abound. Due to the current circumstances globally, it is one of the safest ways to deliver information to your audience(s).

The benefits of using digital and video as a communication tool is that you can deliver a presentation, webinar, animation or a simple marketing video as content to your employees and your clients.

There are various ways to incorporate video for your business including:
using a video studio to film a scripted video about how you / your company is reacting to COVID-19 and how you are continuing with your business to the best of your ability
adapting your content marketing strategy as it relates to a product video in replacement of your tradeshow booth or a demo video in replacement of that same tradeshow booth
using it as a tool for disseminating information, updating on a product or service offering to the masses
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