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Nov '22

Development Services

As a creative and strategic marketing agency, we specialize in five core areas: Creative, Web Development, Events (In-Person / Hybrid / Virtual), Marketing, and Video. Our clients come to us to solve their problems, from video production to marketing and even designing your new website from scratch. Our cover four main subcategories: Website Development,...

Oct '22

Coordination as a Service

Here at TFG, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop agency. That means we specialize in many of our services being tailor-made to fit our client’s needs, whatever those are. Maybe you’re a global company searching for one point of contact to help you coordinate multiple in-person or remote video shoots spanning the globe. Or you’re a national company that...

Sep '22

Benefits of a Green Screen

An essential part of marketing is engaging customers, integrating social media, and becoming a resource for your clientele. Not every company has access to studio space or the equipment necessary to produce high-quality and compelling video content. If you have an upcoming event with executives worldwide or if you’re looking for an agency to help you round out your...

Feb '22

A Behind the Scenes Look into Animation

There is a lot to like about animation, with seemingly endless possibilities for what you are able to create. Most importantly, animation is an incredibly effective tool in visual communication and storytelling. When it comes to client work, animation is the best approach when the topic or service is very detailed, we tend to call these informative-style...

Mar '20


If COVID-19 hasn’t affected your business in some way yet, the odds are that it will soon. Whether that’s a new WFH (work from home) policy that has been implemented, a meeting or event that has been canceled/postponed, a shipment that has been delayed, the list goes on. The worst thing you can do is standby and do nothing. Now is a...

Jun '17


We are excited to announce that our newest project is nearing completion. The addition of our new green screen studio will allow us to further our creative foray in film and video production, offering our 1,200 square-foot production floor to regional and national clients looking to produce high-quality corporate video, commercial and film. Located in an original...