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Feb 23, 2022 | Behind the Scenes, Design, Video

There is a lot to like about animation, with seemingly endless possibilities for what you are able to create. Most importantly, animation is an incredibly effective tool in visual communication and storytelling. When it comes to client work, animation is the best approach when the topic or service is very detailed, we tend to call these informative-style videos. There is a charm to animation that doesn’t exist with static images since moving images catch the viewer’s eye and hold their attention. Animation also doesn’t just have to be vector drawings, it can be combined with live video as well! 

The TFG team worked with Yamaha Corporation to create a how-to video series on constructing musical equipment. This series required Kay, one of TFG’s Graphic Designers, to create icon illustrations of assembly components for a set of particular instruments. This process was a little tricky, as there were certain sections of the icons that needed to be animated. This meant that the tiny section of the illustration itself would have to be separated onto a different layer in Adobe Illustrator, where Kay had drawn the illustration. The reason for this is because in Adobe After Effects, where the animation is made, the small piece that is to be animated needs to be isolated in order to move independently from the greater image.

Justin, TFG’s Video Creative Director, also worked with Kay to create a series of animated informational videos for Volante Technologies. This series aims to educate the audience while also keeping them interested. They utilize animation in a way that highlights the key points visually, while the pacing allows the audience to get all the information they need efficiently, and what’s better than that!

If you’re interested in having something animated there are a few mistakes clients make in regards to animation:


1. Not realizing how complex animation and the production stages of animation truly are

—these things take time and a lot of it, make sure you plan for that.

2. Either using too much or too little animation;

you have to find the sweet spot for both animated pieces and animated elements within a video.

3. Clients may also not know that there are a lot of different options and possibilities that are achievable,

like animating logos or lower third graphics to give your video more appeal.

4. On the flip side, jam-packing a three-minute informational video full of animation may not be the most effective approach

when it comes to making sure your audience stays engaged and retains the info.

5. If we leave you with any animation advice it’s that you shouldn’t be afraid to chop down your script

to make it digestible while maintaining your audience’s attention and having a strong call-to-action for next steps!

It is easy to get lost in the limiting expansiveness of animation, there can be just too many options! If there is anything to take away from this behind the scenes look into animation, it should be that animation is a team effort. Kay and Justin worked seamlessly together because they brought differing perspectives to the table. As Justin said, “animation is really fun because puzzles are challenging but rewarding to solve each and every time, working with Kay makes solving that puzzle much easier.”

If your company is interested in having any animation work done, drop us a line, we’d love to chat.