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Jul '23

Design Services

At TFG, our touch almost every department, from Development to Video and Marketing. We understand our client’s challenges and tailor our services to meet their goals and requirements. Design is a powerful tool for creating brand identities, email campaigns, print material, and web design. As designers, we reimagine solutions based on the challenges your...

Feb '22

A Behind the Scenes Look into Animation

There is a lot to like about animation, with seemingly endless possibilities for what you are able to create. Most importantly, animation is an incredibly effective tool in visual communication and storytelling. When it comes to client work, animation is the best approach when the topic or service is very detailed, we tend to call these informative-style...

Dec '21

What makes a good UX for websites?

UX, User Experience, Customer Experience, Visitor Accessibility – whatever you call it, it’s important and impacts the way customers and clients view and interact with your website. So what is UX? This question is being asked more often because consumers have gained more power over a business’s brand position in the market. It has encouraged companies to...