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Oct 28, 2021 | Behind the Scenes

What’s it like to work with the premier sign company in New England? In short, pretty awesome!

For the past 10 years, we’ve been able to partner with the folks over at Poyant Signs for their most exciting projects from the sign installation at the Warrior Ice Arena, the Boston Bruins practice facility, to the sign for the pride of Charlestown, Schrafft City Center. The best part? Poyant places their trust in us to think past simply documenting a sign installation and instead, create and execute a unique visual spin on their process from the design stage, all the way through fabricating and installing. When a client trusts your vision and creativity, it opens up new avenues for partnership and brings the level of trust and understanding to a whole other level.

With this project, the design and fabrication of a sign for PUMA were already underway when Poyant called us in. Our job was to identify the unique ways we could showcase Poyant’s skilled craftsmanship while also highlighting PUMA, who they are, and what they stand for as a brand. While looking at their website and doing a creativity-fueled deep-dive, we came across a line of copy that stood out above the rest: “Run The Streets. Do You.” So we went, literally, to “Run The Streets and Do (Us)”.

PUMA was set to open a new corporate headquarters in Somerville, Massachusetts on Assembly Row: a communal gathering place for shopping, dining, and attractions. We decided to hit the streets of Somerville with our video team and a couple of cameras. The first time, we filmed the 60’ PUMA cat’s journey into the city and followed it through being hoisted up to the rooftop for installation. Two weeks later, we went back to film a lifestyle spot that would compliment both Poyant’s beautiful craftsmanship and PUMA’s iconic brand.

For the lifestyle spot, we followed Poyant’s very own Director of Sales Operations Stephanie Poyant Moran, an avid and accomplished runner, as she ran through the city. How’d we do this, you ask? Well, for one, our Video Lead ran step for step with Stephanie carrying a camera on a gimbal, as well as a mix of dolly shots and drone footage to tie it all up with a bow.

We then alternated shots of the sign being transported and lifted into place with shots of Stephanie running to create the finished product. The end result was a captivating video that highlighted a combination of PUMA’s athletic core and Poyant’s beautiful signage display. We love capturing what our clients do in fun, different ways besides just following something seemingly simple like a sign install, and this video does just that. It tells a story about Poyant’s legacy of using their craftsmanship to help clients like PUMA showcase their brand and make a direct visual impact in the physical world.

What they have said

Poyant has partnered with The Franchise Group for the past eight years to create a collection of videos that document and showcase our work and our company. We enjoy collaborating with Nick Francis and his team. The Franchise Group is fun to work with and always bring our visions to life in the most professional and creative way.
Stephanie Poyant Moran, Director of Sales Operations