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What’s better than the smell of freshly baked cookies? It’s a rhetorical question but if you find yourself looking for the perfect response: “Not a whole heckuva lot,” or “nothing, nothing is better than the smell of freshly baked cookies,” or…”freshly baked cookies are life.” So when our team got to sink their teeth into a project with our friends at Black Tie Cookies, we struggled to keep the product around long enough to art direct and photograph, but we did it.
In addition to supplying our office with a weekly supply of delicious treats (cookie time rivaled espresso time for a hot minute, and if you know our team you know that’s a BIG deal), the Black Tie Cookies team came to us for a new website and gave our team full creative control over the process which let TFG graphic designer, Kay, to showcase her creative skills.
Black Tie Cookies has a few staple ingredients that they use in all of their cookies, and each batch of cookies gets made from scratch with a whole lot of love, so Kay put together some mood boards using “organic” ingredients, meaning using real ingredients in an artistic way and the client loved it!

In running with that idea, Kay took her photography background, combined with her design layout experience, and the ingredients photoshoot was born. Each cookie she photographed highlighted flour in the upper corner for consistency, and then included one or two ingredients from each specific cookie highlighting the main ingredients of each flavor. For the Signature Arrangements / Gift Boxes that Black Tie Cookies offers, Kay used a combination of real flowers, candles, and other related props in order to tie in the theme of each box.

Not only did our creative team get to stretch their legs on this project in creating the photos, the development team built the Black Tie Cookie’s new website which included an eCommerce component to supplement their brick and mortar location so that the cookies and boxes could flock like the salmon of Capistrano and be sold directly on the website creating a streamlined process for our client.

If your company is looking for an eCommerce solution to combat the challenges of a brick and mortar business or you’re simply looking to take your sales goals to the next level online, drop us a line to talk about next steps.