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For our latest project with Access Biologicals, in addition to their website, photo shoots and e-commerce platform, they asked us to re-brand and update their visual displays for their different trade show booths.

Kay, one of our fabulous Graphic Designers, took on this part of the project and got to flex her design muscles, so we decided to chat with her about it!

Take the journey into her mind with us as she discusses her thought process and challenges.

“One of the biggest challenges for this project was creating displays that were visually appealing as well as easy to read. The backlit display utilized all of the brand’s colors, which in this case were purple, yellow, orange, green, and blue, and had a corresponding image for each category. The goal was to produce a design that looked tasteful, checked all the boxes, but wasn’t cluttered.

For the backlit display, I essentially exhausted every possible design option with the information, colors, and photos that I had. There were a lot of iterations and the client ultimately requested one of the first ideas that I had sketched out to try but didn’t send to them, which was a reminder that sometimes your first instinct is correct!

As we went back and forth reviewing the various design iterations, the final design utilized less images and more white space to balance the array of colors used to represent the different categories on the backlit display. When Access decided to go the route with less images, it made the design more timeless and also much cleaner and easier to read. Now, if they decide to update any photos, their booth design itself wouldn’t need to be updated, but everything will still match! Small things like that can actually end up being big things in the long run to make the Client’s life easier and help solidify a good relationship”

And there you have it! What’s one small thing that sticks out in your mind that turned out to be a massive time and sanity saver? We want to hear about it! Shoot us an email, a DM, or even a carrier pigeon and let’s have a conversation.