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Feb 14, 2015 | Thought leadership

With every new iteration of our agency’s website has come growth from within the agency as much as growth to our outward facing visitors, clients and peers. This iteration and launch with subsequent name and branding change is no different. We started Franchise Studios 10 years ago this past January, the “we” being Tracy deEscobar (our art director) and myself. Flash forward 10 years and our team of 2 has grown to a team of 7, our brand has seen 3 rebrands and with our latest rebrand comes the launch of a new site, a new name (The Franchise Group / TFG) and a new partner, Brigitte LaMarche.
Brigitte has been working as a consultant and business partner for several years under her company, Boston Intelligence. Her experience in lead generation, lead conversion and optimization is unparalleled as well as her understanding of the visual piece our creative team brings to the table and how that only helps engage and make a lasting impression. She definitely brings the science to TFG and has comprised a team of experts to join her efforts and make our clients more successful.

Our collective team of creatives are Instagram enthusiasts, beer geeks, gym rats, ravers, caffeine addicts, nature lovers, vintage car fanatics and welcome a fine scotch/bourbon at 5p on a Friday. But enough about us. We want to know about YOU. Our door is open, try us.