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Jun 5, 2018 | Culture

If you asked our Art Director what her favorite horror film is, she wouldn’t have an answer for you because she doesn’t watch them. After an unfortunate run in with a Jason look-a-like on Halloween when she was seven, scary movies quickly left the realm of things she enjoyed watching. If you showed her a picture of a horror film villain all done up in special effects makeup, however, she can tell you exactly how it’s done.

Meet Tracy, the Franchise Group’s resident design powerhouse, Art Director, lover of all things pink and doughnut aficionado.

After playing with paints for years, Tracy decided she wanted to try her hand at special effects makeup with all the bells and whistles. “I decided I wanted to see what I could do,” she said “there’s always something different and new to try, it’s a different kind of creative outlet for me. I’m on the computer all day every day, so this is my time to step away from the screen and still be creative.”

While she may not watch horror movies, she appreciates and enjoys the technical aspect so much that she recently went to Monsterpalooza in California. When it comes to makeup, special effects, art and monsters, Monsterpalooza is widely known as THE convention for fans and film professionals alike. The trip had it’s challenges, she says, such as not being scared of everything she saw, but it also had a lot of wins. Tracy got to meet Ve Neil, a judge on Sci-Fi’s Face Off and the woman behind the makeup chair of Beetlejuice, The Hunger Games, and Edward Scissorhands, and was able to pick up some products she can use to take her skills to the next level. By stepping out of her comfort zone, this solo trip helped her grow in ways she didn’t know she could. “Everyone thought I was crazy because a spontaneous trip by myself isn’t something I normally do, but it was a trip for me and I really got to get my feet wet, learn and watch demos in real time.”

Tracy left the conference with personal goals for herself, with Halloweenfest at Six Flags and mastering prosthetics being at the top of the list, but with goals for work as well. “I love our team, it’s grown so much and forces me to interact with so many people that I want to incorporate my SFX knowledge into our films and videos and really see what we can do with it.”

To check out more of her work, visit her instagram !!

Tracy with Ve Neil