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Apr 6, 2018 | Culture

At TFG, we take pride in the work we do both on and off the clock and enjoy projects that have positive impacts on those around us. Our lead developer, Lucas, shares his passion for robotics, volunteering his time with kids at the Business Innovation Center in Fall River, MA.

While he’s on the clock, Lucas can be found developing websites, troubleshooting website migrations, or using IoT (Internet of Things) building water detection systems to make sure the pesky New England weather doesn’t get in places it shouldn’t.

Once the clock hits 4pm on Thursdays however,  he steps into a different role. For the past 2 and a half years, Lucas has been volunteering as the program coordinator for an afterschool program at the Business Innovation Center. Once a week, he gets together with a group of students from one of the area charter schools and provides them with hands on robotics experience.

Photo: Hayden Amarantes

Photo: Hayden Amarantes

Vex Robotics provides a specific curriculum to design a robot. Each year the events the students take part in change creating a new challenge using the same parts. This requires the students to have to adapt the robot to fit the challenge. Lucas oversees students from the middle through high school level, and attends each competition with them. Once they arrive at the competition, Lucas says it’s all on them. “We give the students the tools they need and it’s up to them to make it work. We’re just there to chaperone at that point”.

The last program made it all the way to the state championship rounds, but got knocked out in the semifinals. For Lucas, the development each student makes throughout the program makes it all worthwhile. “Our captain grew so much from the start of competitions to states.” he said, “That was awesome to watch.”

Are you or someone you know interested in robotics? Lucas adds, “There’s lot more stuff out there than you think, it’s all a google search away.”