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Zeal Technology

Zeal Technology initially approached the TFG team to assist them with SEO and messaging, which was essential in allowing them to take their first steps in pivoting as a company. In addition, Zeal tasked us with redesigning and rebuilding their website.

1.0 The Challenge
Zeal Technology was in the midst of a company pivot and wanted to identify the right target audience and align their product and messaging accordingly. We were challenged with assisting them with SEO, messaging, as well as a complete website redesign that would fulfill that new audience.

2.0 Services

Web Design
Front-End Development
Quality Assurance (QA)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
UX/UI Design
Wordpress Development
3.0 How We Did It

TFG began this process brainstorming with the client and providing them with examples of possible website design options. The TFG team was able to combine multiple ideas brought to the table to create a new, fresh idea that Zeal was excited about. Tracy, TFG’s Senior Art Director, was in charge of wireframing every page of the site. Wireframes are two-dimensional illustrations or blue-prints that are incredibly useful to designers in communicating how the structure of a website will look quickly and easily. TFG’s Lead Developer, Sean, was then brought in to build the overall structure of the website. Sean and Tracy were able to utilize the framework and build the website and add the styles simultaneously. When the site was finished TFG also provided Zeal with training—how to edit everything and how to maintain it on their own.

With this client the TFG team developed an incredibly fast-paced, agile process of project managing, wireframing, designing and building a website. These new techniques allowed us to develop this new process and bring that work into future projects, saving time, and allowing us to reuse some of the custom features made for this site. The Zeal Technology website redesign was awarded a Web Excellence Award in Software Development. Working with a client like Zeal, supporting them in all areas, from SEO and messaging, to design and content marketing, allows us to all work collaboratively to produce a stronger, more high-quality product and experience.

4.0 Client Feedback
“From marketing strategy to tactics, like SEO and website design, TFG has delivered outstanding results for us. We have been working with TFG for two years, and they have been instrumental in a massive pivot we have undertaken at our company. We first started using TFG to help with SEO and messaging, which was an essential first step in executing on our pivot. Recently, we chose TFG to redesign and rebuild our website from the ground up, including design, messaging, structure and conversion tracking. The team is a delight to work with, very knowledgeable and delivered our project on time and on budget. We receive tons of praise from key constituents (customers, prospects & investors) on the end result. Highly recommend TFG.”— Mark Somol, Co-Founder And Ceo, Zeal Technology
5.0 About the Client
Zeal Technology is redefining how employees adopt and use technology and believes that companies have an obligation to provide their people with opportunities for growth and development. Their digital adoption platform sits on top of any enterprise or custom software, website or application to increase software adoption and knowledge retention, delivering a seamless experience to your employees.