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Buy Black NB

Buy Black NB initially started out as a pro-bono client and grew to require more support from the TFG team. The founder of Buy Black NB, Justina Perry, wanted to bring awareness to the community and expand the Buy Black Directory on her website to not only feature Black-owned businesses, but Black professionals. The goal of the Directory and her website as a whole was that it could be used as a tool for people who wanted to support the community. In tackling this project, the TFG team worked on everything including marketing strategy, branding, video, event planning and website redesign.

1.0 The Challenge
Buy Black NB needed assistance with shooting video for virtual events, designing promotional social media templates, as well as a website redesign. One of our biggest challenges was developing a scalable and efficient management system that could be maintained internally by the Buy Black team.

2.0 Services

Virtual Events

Brand Development
Social Media
Website Design
Front-End Development
UX/UI Design
Event Support
Brand Strategy
Content Marketing
Social Media Content Design

3.0 How We Did It
TFG worked with the Buy Black team to brainstorm an event series entitled “HERstory” that highlights and amplifies the voices of Black women in business. Our design team created the branding, graphics, and social content which promoted this video event series on social media. In addition, we taught the Buy Black team how to record these videos remotely and walked them through best practices, as well as how to coach guest speakers. Their team took charge of managing and recording the HERstory events and then handed them off to the TFG video team for editing.

Additionally, the client tasked us with creating event templates on Canva, and subsequently tablecloths, as well as a bus and magazine ad for in-person events. Our goal was to build a system wherein we would design the initial template for the promotional social media posts and then train the client to input the information as it changed for each event. With this system in place, it would be easier and more efficient for the Buy Black team to manage internally.

TFG’s Senior Art Director, Tracy, spearheaded the website redesign, identifying that the existing Buy Black NB website needed more branding. Tracy utilized the correct logos and images taken from past events, as well as the brand colors and used them throughout the website to make it appear more cohesive. The Buy Black NB website is the culmination of not only the hard work and dedication of Founder Justina Perry, but also our efforts to work in partnership with her to assure her goals were met.

4.0 Client Feedback

“TFG understood our goals and helped us grow our online platform to bring an important resource to the community. They provided amazing video support to create a virtual program which grew into a series and attracted funders. The marketing support throughout our first event season provided a consistent branding for our Black in Business series. The entire team was wonderful to work with and is a very forward thinking company! The update on our website that TFG executed exceeded our expectations. They have our enthusiastic recommendation!.”— Justina Perry, Founder & Director of Buy Black NB

5.0 About the Client
Buy Black NB is a free community platform dedicated to discovering, highlighting and promoting Black-owned businesses in the South Coast of Massachusetts. Buy Black NB empowers its local Black Business Community to thrive by securing economic opportunities through community collaboration, educational opportunities, and the development of networking initiatives and programs.