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BayCoast Bank

In our continued collaboration with BayCoast Bank, TFG was tasked to write, produce and shoot a series of television commercials. These commercials would focus on not only educating their existing customers, but also prospective and unbanked community members about their range of services, while simultaneously blending educational and comedic elements in order to connect to a wider audience.
1.0 The Challenge
BayCoast Bank wanted to capture a larger New England audience during New England Patriots football games in a fun and memorable way. We were challenged with finding the right balance between humor and educational content in a way that would resonate with their audience.

2.0 Services

Brand Development
Talent Scouting & Management
Complete On-Location and In-Studio Production
3.0 How We Did It
TFG has a long-standing relationship with BayCoast Bank, first beginning with initial advertising, promotions, writing copy and taglines, as well as creating custom designs. Our partnership with BayCoast Bank has allowed us to work closely with their team and meet quick turnarounds with ease.

The primary objectives of this project were to educate the existing bank customers about the additional banking services they provide, attract new customers, and specifically target a younger audience by broadcasting the commercials during football games aired on weekends. With this in mind, the TFG video team brainstormed three commercial concepts that would be presented to the leadership team at BayCoast Bank, where they narrowed it down to one. From here, TFG’s Video Creative Director, Justin wrote the script, planning out the main narrative of the production as well as the camera shots. The first commercial of the series focuses on the revolutionary patriot character being educated by the bank tellers about BayCoast Bank and their devotion to giving back to the community, as well as their other services. The second centers around their ITMs or “Interactive Teller Machines” which are different from ATMs in that they have live tellers on the other end at their headquarters. The setup for the shooting day was relatively simple. The majority of the first commercial took place in one location, with just one final shot being away from the first set. The second commercial was similar in that it also took place mostly in one location, however this commercial was a bit more complicated as it featured more camera angles that had to be transitioned between.

In a study conducted by RAM, Research and Analysis of Media, to measure engagement and effectiveness of BayCoast Bank commercials on WPRI, 49% of respondents said that they recalled seeing the BayCoast Bank advertisement, which is slightly above the U.S. commercial average. 62% said the ad presented a fresh approach and 21% said that would recommend the advertiser as a result of the ad.

4.0 Client Feedback

We were looking for a team of creative professionals to help us create 30 second ads for television, online, and strategic partnerships .  The Franchise Group provided multiple options with the goal of driving brand awareness; differentiating us from our competition.  We are very happy with the final products they have created.  The team is very efficient, collaborative, and the production levels are equivalent to large national advertising firms. – Robert Bergdoll, SVP Chief Marketing Officer

5.0 About the Client
BayCoast Bank is mutually owned, serving the needs of consumers, businesses, non-profits and municipalities through 25 branches and three loan offices throughout southeastern MA and RI. Additional services are offered through the Bank’s subsidiaries: BayCoast Financial Services, Plimoth Investment Advisors, Partners Insurance Group, LLC, BayCoast Mortgage Company, LLC, and Priority Funding LLC.