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West Coast Studio Buildout

Hitachi Vantara sought to create an in-house video production studio capable of supporting a wide range of content, from town halls and webinars to fireside chats, panels, and live broadcast events. We worked with Hitachi’s team to design and construct a versatile space that satisfied their immediate needs and fostered a long-term partnership for executing and supporting future shoots and live events.

To achieve this goal, we coordinated a collaborative effort with all the critical stakeholders involved, including:

Architecture Firm: HGA

    • HGA was responsible for designing and overseeing the construction process, ensuring it met Hitachi’s requirements while incorporating aesthetic appeal and functionality.

General Contractor: GCI

    • GCI was responsible for building the studio.

Engineering Firm: Glumac

    • Glumac contributed their expertise to engineer soundproofing measures and create an ideal recording and filming environment.

Sound Company: Diversified

    • Diversified specialized in sound engineering, ensuring optimal acoustics and audio quality within the studio space.

AV Installer: Paladin Technologies

    • Paladin Technologies installed essential equipment, including patch panels for camera and microphone integration, and enabled seamless control from the dedicated control room. 

Commencing in June 2020, the West Coast Studio Buildout project encountered unforeseen challenges amidst a pandemic-induced supply chain disruption. In addition to overcoming global sourcing delays, we diligently collaborated with Hitachi’s Procurement, Facilities, and Brand/Marketing departments remotely from the East Coast for the entirety of the intensive one-and-a-half-year construction period.

The completed studio boasts a comprehensive range of features to support Hitachi’s diverse video production requirements:

In-house Video Sound Stage:

    • A fully-operational soundproofed space capable of hosting webinars, panels, and live broadcast event programming.

Control Room:

    • A dedicated room for the seamless management and control of cameras and microphones during live events and broadcasts.

Editing Suite:

    • A room equipped with the technology needed for Hitachi editors to refine and perfect their video content.

Podcast Booth:

    • A dedicated soundproof booth that caters to podcast recording needs, ensuring optimal audio quality.

Green Room:

    • A comfortable green room allows talent and executives to relax and prepare before appearing on camera.

Kitchenette/Coffee Bar:

    • A small space to grab a coffee or snack before or after a shoot.

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Client relationships play a crucial role in our work and extend far beyond the completion of a single project. By tailoring our solutions to meet each client’s unique needs, we demonstrate our dedication to their success and showcase our ability to deliver outstanding results. We aim not only to complete a project but also to build meaningful and lasting relationships. This is especially true when it comes to our legacy with clients like Hitachi Vantara. Over the last six years that we have worked with Hitachi, we have gained valuable insights into the types of content they create, the types of content that resonate with their audiences, and their ongoing content creation goals, which allows us to operate more efficiently. For a project such as a studio build, this insight directly correlated with the variety of projects the studio would need to fulfill, which in turn drove the process.

If you need an in-house studio for your video production needs but need help figuring out where to begin, we are here to help! We have the expertise and experience to consult with you on your very own studio needs, so please drop us a line!

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Hitachi Vantara, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd., focuses on Social Innovation Business combining operational technology, information technology, and products. They make data centers more effective, harness the power of customers’ data, and rapidly scale digital businesses. Companies choose them to help develop new revenue streams, unlock competitive advantages, lower business costs, and enhance customer experiences.