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As part of our ongoing relationship with Poyant, their team came to TFG to produce a video to showcase their casino and hospitality signage expertise. Wanting to focus specifically on their capabilities to create world-class signage from fabrication through manufacturing and installation, this project highlighted channel letters, wayfinding, ADA signage, and monument signage. We spearheaded the creative direction to determine the most compelling approach in presenting the entire process beginning at fabrication and following through to manufacturing and installation. 

While shooting on location in South Memphis, the TFG team worked to coordinate with Southland Casino Hotel in arranging a space to shoot the necessary interviews without stunting the casino’s day-to-day operations.

1.0 Why It Matters

The use of video as a multi-use marketing tool is one that can be easily overlooked but is often the most impactful. We’re proud to be able to showcase Poyant’s world-class signage capabilities in the casino and hospitality space in a way that makes them proud while also encouraging the opportunity to continue their growth in that space. 

By interviewing their Senior Account Executive, Technical Designer, and ADA Designer, we were able to capture the importance of wayfinding signage and their specific design, fabrication, manufacturing, and installation process in their own words while giving the viewer a feel of who Poyant is and what it would be like to work with them. The video put faces to names, took you through the process from start to finish in a compelling and captivating way, and can be used in a myriad of ways for their business. 

Here at TFG, we pride ourselves in our consistency and quality that we deliver with each project, no matter the size.  Being nimble enough to think on our feet and solve challenges in the moment (from easy fixes such as shutting off the music being piped in the room to larger ones such as filming around day-to-day operations in an open, working casino) may seem standard, and it should be! But our execution of those seemingly standard “things” is what truly sets us apart.

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4.0 About The Client

Poyant Signs collaborates to bring their unique talents to each project and achieve extraordinary results. From custom signs to all-encompassing sign programs, they are committed to providing superior quality to all their clients on time and within budget. They are focused on providing highly effective designs, quality materials, and construction methods resulting in a durable branding experience that grows your business.