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New Bedford Ocean Cluster (NBOC)

The New Bedford Ocean Cluster (NBOC) sought to organize its first annual event with support from TFG’s event management team.

This event aimed to highlight existing initiatives and showcase South Coast marine businesses and the operational aspects of the region, including the nation’s first commercial-scale offshore wind project funded by Vineyard Wind. 

Our team organized and executed a comprehensive strategy spanning from conceptualization to execution. Our event production team led this two-day event and assisted in program creation, AV production, communication strategy, venue identification, and event graphic design. Our team also facilitated conversations with external vendors, structured sponsorship packages, coordinated attendees across various locations, and developed a communication strategy that included event live streaming for global reach.

Its unique and multifaceted approach to engagement and presentation set this event apart. Coordinating attendees across these locations and event live streaming at each site added a dynamic layer to the event’s accessibility. The thorough setup of environments ensured clear audio and video recording, emphasizing a commitment to delivering a high-quality experience. 

1.0 Why Event Management Matters

A distinctive feature was the decision to keep everything in-house, from event and AV production to communication and marketing, underscoring a cohesive and integrated approach. The in-house event management and planning team extended to stage design, contributing to a seamless and unified event that stood out for its comprehensive and well-executed design, production, and communication strategies.

This event stood out from others due to its innovative approach and comprehensive execution. With multiple offsite locations, including two boats and various spots across the Greater New Bedford area, attendees experienced a diverse and immersive event. Coordinating logistics such as attendee transportation and event live streaming at each location ensured broad accessibility. The emphasis on clear audio and video recording and meticulous AV setup and stage design contributed to a seamless and engaging experience. What distinguished this event further was the decision to keep all aspects in-house, from corporate event management and AV production to communication, marketing, and design, ensuring a cohesive and integrated approach. 

Despite facing challenges such as weather dependency, last-minute changes, and attendee track adjustments, TFG’s efficient and in-house capabilities enabled successful navigation and resolution. The short turnaround time was met with expert handling, leveraging on-site signage design and deployment to adapt swiftly to evolving needs, ultimately contributing to the event’s overall success.

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Hybrid Event

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4.0 About The Client

The New Bedford Ocean Cluster (NBOC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created to leverage New Bedford’s strategic coastal position and extensive ocean economy and knowledge base to attract investment, support the formation and growth of maritime businesses, and foster initiatives that can create economic and community impact from the sustainable use of ocean resources. The NBOC works collaboratively with the private sector, public sector, and academic institutions to establish New Bedford and the region as a leading ocean economy through the advancement of Aquaculture, Commercial Fishing & Processing, Innovation & Technology, and Offshore Renewable Energy.