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Long Built Homes

Long Built Homes approached TFG to build an in-depth, custom-built web application to serve two purposes. First, their customers were requesting more access to the details of their project. Long Built wanted a way to give their customers a simple, hands-on view of their project that included an up-to-date timeline and could house all necessary information from start to finish. Second, their employees recognized the need for a better project management tool. As a result, the application needed to fulfill the specific and custom needs for Long Built’s staff in order to better manage their builds. This allowed for Long Built to remain aligned with their customers every step of the way.
1.0 The Challenge
Our development team was tasked with creating one application that would serve as a simplified portal that was easy to update and manage for the Long Built Employees while also being easy to navigate and understand for their customers.

While the main challenge was creating the application itself so that it serves two purposes and solves two problems effectively, we also needed to ensure that this new system wouldn’t disrupt Long Built’s current processes. Our goal was to take their existing process and supplement it in a way that would help them be more efficient in serving their customers’ unique needs.

2.0 Services
UX/ UI Design
Custom Software Development
Website Design
Website Development
3.0 How We Did It
Lucas, our Lead Developer, took the custom software development route to create the customer and project portal. This portal is not only able to take into account user error or missing information and easily identify what’s wrong (if you upload information incorrectly, the program will identify exactly what row is incorrect and where), but Lucas also built in a rule system that is dynamic and flexible enough that it can override and identify overall changes across the project and adjust its visual timeline when new information is presented.

For Long Built’s customers, the portal, which serves as a calendar, collateral rack (housing all change orders, contracts, plans, and permits), a communication tool and photo gallery that customers can use to see photos of their home being built, gives peace of mind and more access into the process. For Long Built’s project managers, the portal gives them an open line of communication to the customers while also keeping the project organized, the process seamless, and can help the company accelerate their overall workflow. Take a look at the videos below for a visual representation of how the custom-built web application works.

4.0 About The Client
Long Built Homes has been a leading home builder in Southeastern Massachusetts since 1986. The team at Long Built Homes, consistently delivers exceptional value, unparalleled service, outstanding quality, superior design, and craftsmanship. With a unique, simplified building process, which has been established and perfected over the years, they provide outstanding service to their customers during the entire building experience, including the warranty period. Long Built Homes has a commitment to quality, value, and customer service that is second to none.