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In our continued partnership with Clearplan, TFG was tasked with taking their bi-annual in-person event and bringing it virtual with the same amount of enthusiasm and grandeur expected by the Clearplan Team and their employees. With a focus on space exploration, their spring event, Cleared to Launch, was all systems go for (a simu-live) launch.

1.0 The Challenge
To put it simply, simu-live events are a style of virtual event production similar to a live webinar where large portions of content is pre-recorded, but presented as if it were live.

By taking a large-scale in-person event and bringing it to the virtual world, TFG’s challenge was ensuring that everything from the branding to the teaser videos and the actual simu-live event was on brand and worked together to result in a successful program.

In 2020 we helped ClearPlan move their much anticipated bi-annual in-person event, the only time the entire company is together each year, to a virtual format due to COVID-19 restrictions. Last year’s challenge was simply bringing this large scale event to a new virtual format due to the complexity of the event, location of the presenters across the country, and level of execution the client was accustomed to. For their 2021 event, we focused on leveraging the lessons learned from the previous year and were challenged with producing an even better simu-live event while creating a unique experience in order to bring it closer to the same feeling as if it were live.

2.0 Services
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Virtual Events
3.0 How We Did It
With the theme for the event being inspired by the February 2021 Mars Rover Landing, the TFG team designed the event logo as a nod to the mission patch for an astronaut’s space suit.

On the video side, we crafted a set of teasers and trailers, along with opening, closing, and wrap-up videos for the event, all while tying in elements that make Clearplan…Clearplan. From jokes about Tom Brady to inside jokes submitted by their team, these videos were chock full of easter eggs and executed perfectly (but we may be biased) from set and costume design all the way through the special effects.

By using the challenges from their first virtual event in the Fall of 2020 as a means to elevate the experience we used our video production kits to create a more consistent and higher quality experience for the attendees and pre-recorded all the content for speakers and the external keynote, Astronaut Garrett Reisman.

This left ClearPlan CEO & President as the one live presenter which worked to set the stage for the duration of the 2-day program along with acting as emcee to drive all the pre-recorded video and presentation content live from our video production studio at the TFG Mission Control Center in Acushnet, MA.

4.0 Client Feedback
“In an uncertain world, and as a company that values twice a year in-person meetings to drive our culture we were obviously nervous. The Franchise Group absolutely knocked it out of the park. From the delivery platform hosting our entire company, to the in-studio presentation for our president … it was perfect. Saving the best for last, having helped produce dozens of meetings over the years, their video production was second to none. Well done, TFG!” – Matt Hoskins, COO
4.0 About The Client
ClearPlan is the absolute go-to company for effective program planning & control services for complex industry programs, providing instantaneous program control excellence with lean infrastructure. With their services they bring visibility to schedule, cost and risk enabling you to better manage your programs.