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Nov 23, 2018 | Culture, Community

November 24, 2018 is a great day to shop small. Small Business Saturday is a reminder to consumers that they play a key role in helping small businesses thrive.  According to the Small Business Association, there are 30.2 million small businesses in the United States, employing 47.5% of the country’s private workforce – but nearly 50% fail within 5 years. Small businesses grow the economy, strengthen communities and are where big ideas start. So follow the hashtags #ShopSmall  #SmallBizSat or #SmallBusinessSaturday and please get out and support small shops this Saturday!

The team at TFG wanted to share some of the small businesses we’ve enjoyed this year & hope you get a chance to check them out. Happy Small Business Saturday!

Brigitte’s Picks

  • The Eliot School, Jamaica Plain, MA: The best investment in yourself is learning something new. This year I got a great education about furniture restoration at The Eliot School & can’t wait to take my next class. Nothing like creating in a space where so many others have worked before — the school recently celebrated its 340th birthday!
  • The Village Cafe, Newton, MA: It’s easy to find high-end eats in and around Boston, but finding a place where you can wear what you want, get awesome service (the best) plus get breakfast all day is nearly impossible. Village Cafe is like my kitchen away from home.
  • Tatte Bakery & Café, Boston & Cambridge, MA: Home of the world’s greatest almond croissant.  I am in constant awe of how Tatte has grown in and around Boston without losing quality or atmosphere. Always an impeccable experience.

Sarah’s Picks

  • Glassman Automotive, New Bedford, MA: This is the mechanic that my whole family has been going to for years. He is always very fair and trustworthy. There have been a few times we have brought the car to him to get something checked out a he has reassured us that there was nothing actually wrong and didn’t charge us for that service.
  • The Baker, New Bedford, MA: Really great bakery in downtown New Bedford. They are super friendly and the food is amazing. Zoe and I walk there most weekends and get a few items and it’s always a struggle to limit the number of items I get to only 1 or 2 for each of us.
  • Hippo, New Bedford, MA: Super cute artist shop, also in downtown New Bedford. They sell various artist’s stuff which I think is a good service for both the artists and for the customers who want locally made art.

Nick’s Picks

  • Treehouse Brewing, Charlton, MA: Treehouse epitomizes what it means to be a New England IPA focused craft brewer. They’re innovative, spontaneous and when they break from the norm as an NEIPA focused brewery, they never disappoint, take their All That Is And All That Ever Will Be, English Sweet Milk Stout done a variety of ways (Marshmallow, Maple & Coconut). Paired with local favorite BT’s Smokehouse (https://www.btsmokehouse.com/) and you have a craft beer pairing match made in heaven.
  • Farm & Coast Market, South Dartmouth, MA: For all my snacks, ‘on the go’ dinners and good beer & wine in a pinch.
  • Aragaza, Barcelona, Spain: I buy shirts from there every time I’m there!

Paul’s Picks

  • Kens Ramen is a little restaurant in Providence, RI that makes hands down the best ramen and pork buns I’ve ever had. They have a really cool aesthetic and over all great vibe.
  • The Symphony Music Shop is a music shop in Dartmouth, MA. I’ve been going here for all my music needs my whole life. They have the most knowledgeable, professional, and friendly staff you could ask for. Whether you just need to buy a tambourine or if you’re looking to start taking trumpet lessons, there’s no better place.
  • The Criterion Collection I love movies. I collect movies. I much prefer physical media to digital when it comes to movies. The Criterion Collection is a company that is perfect for people like me. They curate and publish the best versions of films imaginable. The best restorations, the best cover art, and tons of great special features. If you love movies, you’ll love Criterion.

Lucas’ Picks

  • Adafruit.com, New York, NY: Make awesome electronic parts, open source all their designs, affordable and teaches you mad sh*t.
  • The Pink Bean Coffee Shop, Fall River, MA:  Dope coffee & food that’s been fueling my weekends for years.
  • Caravelas Restaurant, Fall River, MA: Where the family has always gotten together. 

Tracy’s Picks

  • TFGAcushnet, MA: Us! Where science meets imagination, we’re a full service creative agency with award-winning online, video, & event campaigns. Smart design, marketing & strategy.
  • Poshmark, Online retail service that enables anyone to sell used or new clothes for half the profit than big retail chains. By purchasing used clothes, it keeps them from landfills and converse energy and saves money for the buyer.
  • Sister Thrifter,  Watertown & Framingham, MA: Used thrift store that offer old and new clothes, furniture and home items. Proceeds are then donated to local no-kill cat shelters.

Sean’s Picks

  • The Armoury Wargames & Hobbies, Fairhaven, MA: Their store is usually busy with people hanging out and playing on their handmade tables designed for various tabletop games. They run events nearly every day for several different groups and games.
  • Mellisa’s Pet Depot, Dartmouth, MA: My favorite place to go for anything pet related, whether it is for my cat, or more often, for fish supplies. The place feels very inviting, with a few birds just hanging around outside usually near the register area, and very friendly staff. They have always had everything i needed.
  • The Potting Bench, New Bedford, MA: Great place with a large variety of plants who has always been willing to help me out when I wasn’t knowledgeable enough, they have a great 50% off deal at the end of the growing season that I take advantage of every year.

Vikki’s Picks

  • Harmony Winters, Jewelry shop in Westport, MA – Everything’s handmade by Harmony and her son is also starting out. Harmony can make pretty much anything and her work is stunning.
  • Peckham’s Greenhouse,  Little Compton, RI: My favorite greenhouse in the area! The staff is wonderful, all of the flowers and plants are always the best around and they also have local trinkets ranging from honey to hand made salves and ornaments.
  • Cultivator Shoals, New Bedford, MA: Craft cocktail lovers heaven in Downtown, NB!  Staff committed to hospitality, conversation, and playing excellent music.