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Jul '23

The Creative Dilemma: 5 Considerations if You’re Struggling to Justify an In-House Marketing Team

Countless companies are struggling with a dilemma: Should we build/maintain an in-house marketing team or outsource those services to a full-service agency? Whether your company already has an in-house team and is struggling to maintain that expense, or you’re growing (YAY!) and considering hiring...

Jul '23

Design Services

At TFG, our touch almost every department, from Development to Video and Marketing. We understand our client’s challenges and tailor our services to meet their goals and requirements. Design is a powerful tool for creating brand identities, email campaigns, print material, and web design. As designers, we reimagine solutions based on the challenges your...

Nov '22

Development Services

As a creative and strategic marketing agency, we specialize in five core areas: Creative, Web Development, Events (In-Person / Hybrid / Virtual), Marketing, and Video. Our clients come to us to solve their problems, from video production to marketing and even designing your new website from scratch. Our cover four main subcategories: Website Development,...

Oct '22

Coordination as a Service

Here at TFG, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop agency. That means we specialize in many of our services being tailor-made to fit our client’s needs, whatever those are. Maybe you’re a global company searching for one point of contact to help you coordinate multiple in-person or remote video shoots spanning the globe. Or you’re a national company that...

Sep '22

Benefits of a Green Screen

An essential part of marketing is engaging customers, integrating social media, and becoming a resource for your clientele. Not every company has access to studio space or the equipment necessary to produce high-quality and compelling video content. If you have an upcoming event with executives worldwide or if you’re looking for an agency to help you round out your...

Aug '22

Tip #5 – Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

As an agency, if we could give clients a piece of advice, it would be to shake things up and take a step outside of their comfort zone. Perhaps what you have been doing needs a fresh makeover. Remain open-minded. When it comes to figuring out the appropriate medium for a creative project there are a lot of factors to consider. Remaining open to the mediums...