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Nov '22

Development Services

As a creative and strategic marketing agency, we specialize in five core areas: Creative, Web Development, Events (In-Person / Hybrid / Virtual), Marketing, and Video. Our clients come to us to solve their problems, from video production to marketing and even designing your new website from scratch. Our cover four main subcategories: Website Development,...

Oct '22

Coordination as a Service

Here at TFG, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop agency. That means we specialize in many of our services being tailor-made to fit our client’s needs, whatever those are. Maybe you’re a global company searching for one point of contact to help you coordinate multiple in-person or remote video shoots spanning the globe. Or you’re a national company that...

Sep '22

Benefits of a Green Screen

An essential part of marketing is engaging customers, integrating social media, and becoming a resource for your clientele. Not every company has access to studio space or the equipment necessary to produce high-quality and compelling video content. If you have an upcoming event with executives worldwide or if you’re looking for an agency to help you round out your...

Aug '22

Tip #5 – Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

As an agency, if we could give clients a piece of advice, it would be to shake things up and take a step outside of their comfort zone. Perhaps what you have been doing needs a fresh makeover. Remain open-minded. When it comes to figuring out the appropriate medium for a creative project there are a lot of factors to consider. Remaining open to the mediums...

Aug '22

Tip #4 – Be Active in Your Partnership

While it’s true that you are hiring an agency to do a specific project for you, it is still very important to realize that for there to be good work, there needs to be a good partnership established. The partnership between client and agency functions at its finest when both parties are proactively working on making the collaborative process run smoothly....

Jul '22

Tip #3 – Communication is Key

We cannot stress enough how crucial communication is when it comes to something as involved and time-consuming as the creative process. Agree on how you are going to communicate, whether it be via email or a project-managing system. Miscommunication can delay project completion and pushback deadlines and no one wants that. Identify who is managing what. This is a...