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Inferno in Portsmouth, NH

Nov 5, 2016 | Behind the Scenes, Video

TFG had the great pleasure of working with Revelation Productions out of Worcester on creative for the red carpet premiere of Inferno.

We were tasked with creating fire and motion graphics that was influenced by Dante’s Inferno which was then projection mapped onto the outside of The Music Hall in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Despite the weather not always agreeing with us during setup throughout the week, once it was go time the skies opened, the Arabian horse arrived and those fortunate enough to walk the red carpet began filing up through the fire red gates and into The Music Hall for a night Portsmouth won’t soon forget.

Four 17k projectors were used to seamlessly blend the video TFG created on the outside of the theater. The video was processed through an AnalogWay Ascender and outputted through the projectors.

We also created a short video to illustrate the setup and projection mapping, showcasing our creative and the beautiful seaside city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

An Arabian horse stands in front of The Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH for the Dan Brown’s Inferno premiere
A gargoyle looks over the red carpet where people filed in to attend the Inferno premiere at The Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH.