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Aug 23, 2017 | Culture, Marketing

This March, I set foot in the offices of The Franchise Group for the first time. Nestled on the third floor of an old Titleist mill, the office was quaint and homey. Several new faces met me with a smile as I was whisked into a conference room for my first real job interview. Fast forward to May, and I was ecstatic to be finishing out my freshman year of college and diving into my first internship. I was happy to be exploring the marketing field and learning as much as possible along the way. On my first day at the agency, I walked through a half-finished green screen studio and was met with a room full of strangers. Now, I’m proud to call those strangers my good friends. (And that half-finished studio is fully functional!) In the past three months, I have become a part of this team—this family—of creative thinkers. Here are a few things I learned during my time at The Franchise Group.

Multitasking is essential. There is not a job in any agency that will not require you to multitask. During my time at TFG, I spent many of my days wrapped up in several different projects, switching between writing website copy, scheduling social media posts, and creating client mailing lists. To succeed in the marketing field, you must be able to balance the different projects that are thrown your way and prioritize your tasks.

The key to good marketing is never getting too comfortable. In a world that is constantly changing and progressing, any marketer who is stuck in their own habits is sure to fail. The moment you become too comfortable, something will shift and you will have to rethink your plans. You have to be adaptable and open to change if you want to make it in marketing. What works today might be completely irrelevant tomorrow, and you have to be able to recognize when it’s time to switch things up.

Data drives decision making. Data and analytics are the glue that holds any functional marketing campaign together. Researching the competition and keeping up with your social media stats is a simple way for you to perfect your marketing strategy. The ability to sift through data and pull out the most relevant information is invaluable when entering the marketing field.

Treat mistakes as a learning opportunity. This applies not only to marketing, but to life in general. Maybe you missed a deadline and had to figure out a way to make up for it. Maybe you misunderstood instructions and had to start a project over again. No matter what goes wrong, take it in stride and give yourself the credit you deserve. Your mistakes do not define you; it’s the way you recover from them that counts. Pick yourself up and keep going, no matter what.

As I move on to my sophomore year of college and open myself up to new opportunities, I look back at the past three months and realize that I have taken major steps toward my future goals, while still having lots of fun along the way. I’d like to thank everyone at TFG for making the office feel like my second home. Thank you for laughing with me, learning with me, and helping solidify my dream of becoming a marketing professional.