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Senior Art Director

Tracy deEscobar

Regularly known to produce her best, award-winning creative during the hours of 11p-4a she personifies what it means to be a creative at TFG.

Tracy’s bold style often places TFGs creative on the cutting edge of our industry. Her experience working with global brands early on in her career from BMW, Lexus & Range Rover while a Senior Designer at BZ Results (now CDK Global) to working as an Art Director at Lycos touching all designs across Lycos entire brand portfolio helped her move up the ranks gaining invaluable B2B and B2C experience integrating an “out of the box” style of thinking across many disciplines.

Her creative flair naturally lends itself to guilty pleasures which include bedazzling the sh*t out of amazing desserts, finding the latest and greatest Oreo® Cookie flavor and some would argue, an obsession with the color pink – from time to time, even her hair catches fire with a pink streak.

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