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Strategy & Innovation Officer

Teresina Francis

Having been in marketing roles since 2003, Teresina is TFG’s Strategy and Innovation Officer and resident bad secret keeper.

With the unique perspective of having been on the client side before making the jump to agency life, Teresina loves working with clients to solve their problems while creating and executing a full, strategic plan. Currently, she supports our development team, leading a lot of web development and digital initiatives both from a strategy and overall execution standpoint while also handling marketing strategy with clients from the overall execution of content marketing to custom video creation and full marketing plans.

When not calming a client’s worry or jumping from meeting to meeting all with a smile and coffee in hand, Teresina can be found outside. Where outside? Anywhere outside, but especially at the beach, with her friends by her side or her kids in tow.

After hours, she can be found with a glass of wine or, more appropriately, a dirty martini.

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