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Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager

Kay Green

Meet Kay, TFG’s Graphic Designer. When it comes to all things logos, branding, print and web design, Kay’s your gal.

Having started off as a photography major, she took a graphic design class that quickly opened the door to a world of new possibilities and turned into being a double major. Day to day, you can find Kay honing her animation skills, whipping up a logo or bouncing from client project to client project while still using her skills to level up TFG’s own presence both online and in person.

Kay found her way to TFG when her class at UMD came to tour the office since Nick, our VO, is a former “group 6er” himself. Outside of work, you can find her going for a walk, making art, or talking about, watching, or thinking about the Red Sox, always with an iced coffee in hand (even in the winter, like a true New Englander).

Andrew Benintendi, if you’re reading this, hit up our girl. Her email is…

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