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Jul '22

Tip #3 – Communication is Key

We cannot stress enough how crucial communication is when it comes to something as involved and time-consuming as the creative process. Agree on how you are going to communicate, whether it be via email or a project-managing system. Miscommunication can delay project completion and pushback deadlines and no one wants that. Identify who is managing what. This is a...

Jun '22

Tip #2 – Have a Clear Creative Brief

A creative brief is a document that outlines the strategy of a creative project, and it’s probably one of the first documents you will receive from your agency. Here at TFG, we have three creative brief documents: Logo Design, Video, and Website Redesign. We also sit down with our clients and guide them through writing a creative brief, this way our...

Jun '22

Tip #1 – Get to know the team

In a nutshell, a creative agency is a company that provides a fusion of artistic and innovative services spanning a multitude of industries and disciplines. There is quite a lot that a creative agency can do for your company or your brand, but if you don’t have much experience working with an agency or it’s all new to you, then it’s important to fill you in on...

Mar '20


This may be the event that finally humanizes us all in the way we conduct business. No longer are we separating business from personal. I have seen the inside of my client’s homes; their bedrooms, I have met their children as they run past monitors or just want to say “hi to daddy’s friend.” I have listened and shared our mutual...

Feb '15


With every new iteration of our agency’s website has come growth from within the agency as much as growth to our outward facing visitors, clients and peers. This iteration and launch with subsequent name and branding change is no different. We started Franchise Studios 10 years ago this past January, the “we” being Tracy deEscobar (our art director) and myself. Flash...