Case Study
Client: 11:11 The Practice
Services: Web Design, UI/UX, Development, Promo Video, Photography


Industry: B2C Fitness
The Project:

Tara Winterhalter came to TFG to handle brand development and launch a new urban yoga methodology called 11:11, The Practice.The goal of the program was to create a promo sizzle video, design and develop a website coupled with photo shoots and setting up an e-commerce store to launch the brand which culminated in an event kickoff

The Challenge:

TFG was hired to offer our full-service approach including a promotional video which was produced in an extremely high-intensity and creatively demanding shoot over 2 days. UI/UX, web design and web development were also crucial pieces to the brand launch along with training videos, e-commerce and photography. Part of the challenge posed to TFG included an agency-wide sprint to complete the brand development and subsequent launch of promotional materials on a tight deadline. 11:11 launched on (rightfully so), November 11th. In one week, the website garnered over 2,500 unique visitors, over 1,300 follows on Instagram and nearly 10,000 views of the promo video.
About the Client:
11:11, The Practice is a new urban yoga methodology developed by Tara Winterhalter. The 11:11 represents a palindrome – which is a sequence performed the same backwards as forwards. Tara is the owner of Ritual Sweat Society, an inclusive yoga studio with locations in Dartmouth, MA and Providence, RI. Ritual Sweat Society is a community that explores various expressions of yoga, health, wellness and fitness forms alike.

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