4 Things I Learned as a Marketing Intern at TFG

This March, I set foot in the offices of The Franchise Group for the first time. Nestled on the third floor of an old Titleist mill, the office was quaint and homey. Several new faces met me with a smile as I was whisked into a conference room for my first real job...

Our New Green Screen Studio

We are excited to announce that our newest project is nearing completion. The addition of our new green screen studio will allow us to further our creative foray in film and video production, offering our 1,200 square-foot production floor to regional and national clients looking to produce high-quality corporate video, commercial and film.

Inferno in Portsmouth, NH

TFG had the great pleasure of working with Revelation Productions out of Worcester on creative for the red carpet premiere of Inferno. We were tasked with creating fire and motion graphics that was influenced by Dante's Inferno which was then projection mapped onto...

Where Science Meets Sexy

With every new iteration of our agency's website has come growth from within the agency as much as growth to our outward facing visitors, clients and peers. This iteration and launch with subsequent name and branding change is no different. We started Franchise...


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